Sunday, 25 March 2018

March Moths

I was out trapping moths again last week. This time, still in the Namadgi Nature Reserve, along the Corin Road in the ACT, Australia, about an hours drive from Canberra city. As usual the trip was organised by Suzi Bond and Glenn Cocking, to whom I am grateful for the trip and the identification of the various moth species. There is so little known about many of these moths, that I have not tried to add any descriptions. I have simply added some photographs in appreciation of their wonderful colours and forms. To share.

Thailana inscripta

Leucania obusta 

Leucania obusta 

Chenuala heliaspis 

Chenuala heliaspis 

Plesanemma fucata 

Onycodes traumataria

Chlorodes boisduvalaria 

Euloxia meandaria 

Chlorocoma tetraspila

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