Monday, 24 November 2014

Cool Possum

She was cautious enough in the daylight to only peek out of the box
It was a bit warm yesterday in Canberra, topping at 39 c. And while I was in the garden giving the chickens and wild birds some fresh cool water I heard the possum fidgeting in her box, so I gave the box a quick squirt from the hose to cool it down - it was catching direct sun at the time. Then when I stopped I heard her give a sort of brwuff, a bit like a dog that wants to pay with a stick, not the commonly heard back-throat growl which brush-tailed possums give when disturbed. It sounded like she had liked the water splashing into the box.

She turned her face up into the spray, deliberately catching the water on her face
So, I gave a squirt directly onto the box and she quickly raised her head to the entrance. Whereupon, she happily lifted her head to catch the spray. The camera was handy, so I took a few shots. Then as I didn't want to soak her fur, I stopped, and she gave a me a look which said something. I don't know what, although she seemed to want more. I'm sure her fur is waterproof to a level far above what I gave her, but I left her with that and walked away while she just sat there watching me with a puppy expression.

She looked so calm and relaxed after her shower

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