Monday, 21 May 2018

Ladhar Bheinn - a true wild place

Ladhar Bheinn is the high ridge in the centre of this shot
Ladhar Bheinn  (hill of the hoof), pronounced Lar Ven, sits high (1020m) in the middle of the Knoydart peninsula in the west Highlands of Scotland. There is no public road into the area, so access is either by a long walk-in over rough hill paths, or by ferry from Knoydart. I have done the long walk in and out before, so this time I took the ferry.

Upper Coire Dhorrcail lies on the north-east side of the hill with great ridges sweeping down arround.

There was considerable late snow last winter and spring has been slow in coming, so there were some large snow patches hanging onto the summit slopes. The Cuillin in Skye lie on the horizon.

Ladhar Bheinn is in such a wild remote location, with wide views all around, especially on such a clear day as I had last week. Here, the small isles of Eigg and Rum fill the horizon, just south of Skye.

And the views down are also impressive. This shot is taken looking down a gully to the floor of Coire Dhorrcail, 300 m or more below. 1000ft in old money.

Here a group of high hill lochans lie on the north-western ridge. A landscape and view that has changed little since the ice-age over 10,000 years ago. 

The satellite peak of Stob a' Choire Odhair overlooks the magnificent head waters of Loch Hourn and the hills of Glen Sheil beyond.

Yes, wild.

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