Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Butterfly list - Keswick Island July 2017

 Dark Ciliate-blue
In reply to requests from readers of the previous post, here is the list of butterflies that I saw on Keswick Island in July 2017. There were probably a few if not several more that I did not identify or never saw. It truly is a great place for butterflies.

Large Grass-yellow

Green-spotted triangle Graphium agamemnon

Clearwing Swallowtail  Cressida cressida

Narrow-brand Grass-dart  Ocybadistes flavovttatus

Orange palm-dart  Cephrenes augiades

Lemon Migrant  Catopsilia pomona

Small Grass-yellow  Eurema smilax

Large Grass-yellow  Eurema hecabe

Cabbage White  Pieris rapae

Pearl-white (Glistening?) Elodina sp

Yellow Albatross  Appias paulina

Caper Gull  Cepora perimale

Blue Tiger  Tirumala hamata

Lesser Wanderer  Danaus petilia

Monarch  Danaus plexippus

Swamp Tiger  Danaus affinis

Swamp Tiger

Purple Crow  Euploea tuliolus

Common Crow  Euploea corinna

Glasswing  Acraea andromacha

Meadow Argus  Junonia villida

Varied Eggfly  Hypolimnas bolina

Orange Bush-brown  Mycalesis terminus

Orange Ringlet  Hypocysta adiante

Orange-streaked Ringlet  Hypocysta irius

Oak-blue (Purple?) Arhopala sp

Dark Ciliate-blue  Anthene seltuttus

Small Dusky-blue  Candalides erinus

Purple Line-blue  Prosota duboisa

Purple Cerulean Jamides phaseli

Long-tailed Pea-blue  Lampides boeticus

Common Grass-blue  Zizina otis

Orange-streaked Ringlet

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