Monday, 14 November 2016

West Australia

I have been back from Western Australia for a week or so now and it has taken a while to catalogue the thousands of photographs I took on the trip. Although I was there to help Simon with his eagle studies (see previous post), it was impossible to not notice the wealth of wild flowers that were in bloom as we walked through the forests and heaths in the Perth Hills. WA is famous for its wild flowers and many were new to me as I live in eastern Australia where many of the flowers differ from those in the west. So, here I have selected and posted a some shots that give an impression of the variety of colour and form of those plants. There is a set of ten pictures in this first gallery and more will follow as I slowly progress through the catalogue. Only the species names and a few notes are given. This not an intense post, I simply want to share their beauty.

Perth Hills Flora - GALLERY 1

Sticky Starflower Calytrix glutinosa

Variegated Featherflower Verticordia huegelii
The flowers turn from white to pink after fertilisation

Blue Leschenaultia Leschenaultia biloba

White Cottonhead Conostylis setosa

Rough Honeymyrtle Melaleuca parviceps
Like bursts of fireworks

Hairy Pimelea Pimelea imbricata

Resurrection Plant Borya sphaerocephala
These plants of dry rocky places spring into life after rain 

Goodenia drumondii 
Are there so many plants in Western Australia that this one cannot be given a common name?

Native Fuchsia Grevillea wilsonii

   Flowerhead detail of Native Fuchsia Grevillea wilsonii showing the uncurling pollen-presenters


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