Friday, 18 November 2016

Perth Hills Flora - Gallery 4

In this, the fourth gallery of wild flower shots from the Perth Hills in Western Australia, I show a selection of backlit images. Much of the colour in the plants are washed out when in the full harsh sunshine of the Australian bush, but in the early morning or late afternoon the light is softer and at a favourable low angle. Although, even then, some shots are too well lit in over the shoulder light shots. So, I prefer to shoot into the light and capture the details high-lit by the same harsh light from behind the subject. This is what I tend to see anyway. I seldom take wide landscape shots for the same reason, preferring to zoom in on a detail, or several details that make up the whole. So here in this gallery, I show what I saw when walking through the Perth Hills bush into the sun.

White Cottonhead Conostylis setosa

Lovely Triggerplant Stylidium amoenum
white variety 

Eucalyptus sp. sapling leaves

Hibertia subvaginata

Smooth Grevillea Grevillea manglesii

Hairy Jug Flower Adenanthos barbiger

Black Eyed Susan Tetratheca hirsuta

Lovely Triggerplant Stylidium amoenum 
pink variety in the last drop of the sunshine

Candle Hakea Hakea ruscifolia
A particularly dense growth form regrowing after a bush fire

Billy Buttons Craspedia variabilis
Seedhead in front of a blackened, burnt tree trunk

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