Thursday, 9 October 2014

Lunar eclipse

What I like about a red moon is how, when viewed through binoculars, we can see it in a three dimensional effect with the stars beyond - much better than that through a telescope, or when the moon is too bright.

Last night, October 8th, at about 2150 hrs, I photographed the Lunar Eclipse as the blood red colour began to wash off the lunar surface. A night with a  full moon is usually a good time to watch Tawny Frogmouths, or any other nocturnally active animal as they can be seen without artificial light or night-vision equipment. Not under a red moon though, it was too dark. I don't normally take flash photographs of frogmouths, but I took this one to see if there was a chick beneath the adult bird sitting on the nest. I just couldn't see for sure. However, the camera didn't help. Yet there was one, as I saw a little later when the bird's mate, the female, came in with some prey and passed it to a tiny chick hidden by the nest rim. The adults red eye-shine reminded me of the red moon.

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