Thursday, 13 March 2014

Gang-gang Cockatoo Survey

An adult male gang-gang inspects a potential nest hollow
Today saw the launch of the Canberra Ornithologists Group's Gang-gang Cockatoo survey. The survey organiser, Chris Davey introduced the project to a group of birders at Corroboree Park, then naturalist Ian Fraser added a few details and anecdotes to inspire people to go out, find the birds and log their results in the online survey - All records of Gang-gangs in the ACT and surrounding district are welcome, including negative ones, and there are already hundreds entered. The project runs for eighteen months to cover all seasons fully and we hope to have a clearer picture of where the birds breed, overwinter, and what habitats need to be preserved if the birds are to be here in the future. So if any one in the area can add information to the survey please do, it's easy, and rewarding. 

I was involved in the design and production of the survey brochure, a fold-out introduction to the bird and project. See below.

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