Tuesday, 1 October 2013


A cluster of Green-comb Spider Orchids
While mist-netting birds at the weekend, out at the Weddin Mountains, NSW, we found ourselves walking through  woodland understorey grassland, with numerous orchids in the sward. The first species I noticed was the Green-comb Spider Orchid Caladenia tentaculata which was growing in small groups of several flower spikes in several locations. All the flowers looked fresh and newly opened.  

A jewel in the grass
Other species which were frequent if not quite abundant included Purplish Bearded Orchid Calochilus robertsonii (Below), Blue Fingers Cyanicula caerulea, a species of greenhood and one or two species of sun orchid Thelymitra. I was too busy catching and banding birds to take enough photographs of all the species, so I grabbed what images I could on passing and sent them to Denis Wilson who kindly helped to identify them. He has some great illustrations on his own blog at  http://www.peonyden.blogspot.com.au/ .

A spectacular little flower

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