Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lemon Cap orchids

Lemon Cap Orchid  Stegostyla cucculata
I have been out and around Black Mountain quite a bit recently, but have not found as many orchids in flower as I had hoped. The most abundant species over the past week has been the Lemon Cap Stegostyla cucculata, a small plant, about a foot high stem, with a pale white flower. 

A hoverfly approaches the flowers
These plants might be easily overlooked by we humans, but the insects can find them, no problem, probably by following the scent - a citrus one in this case. I was lying down, focusing the camera lens on this one when I saw a hoverfly come into my peripheral vision. It was quick, and precise as it touched down on the petals and took a feed of nectar from the flower. Then was off. All done, the hoverfly was fed, the plant was pollinated and I had a photograph. All happy. Wildlife in action.

And promptly lands on the petals to feed

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