Thursday, 19 September 2013

Sugar Glider

A tree came crashing down today
While I was out looking for Tawny Frogmouths today I heard a crash and looked around to see an old tree fall down. I thought it might be interesting to see what animals had been disturbed, or lost their home as I could see that the tree was very old and had some cosy holes for animals to sleep up in.

Sue enough, as I approached, a Sugar Glider  Petaurus breviceps slipped out of a broken branch and scuttled up the nearest standing tree. It wasn't too alarmed by my presence, but did go high up very quickly. For that is their strategy to escape, they can climb well, but they can fly too. And when it reached the highest branches it simply jumped into space and glided onto the next tree about twenty metres away. It landed on the top of another dead tree which it clambered down until it found a hole it could wriggle into. And that was that, a new home, safe from predators.

The Sugar Glider dashes up a tree

Once up high, the glider stopped to watch me. The folds of skin which help it glide can be seen rippled along its flanks.
Meanwhile, take a look back at the first picture. There are a pair of frogmouths up in the tree, in the top left. I noticed the male's tail protruding out from the nest after the glider had disappeared and I could re-focus my attention to my original purpose. 

The male frogmouth is on the left, on the nest, his partner is on the branch above

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  1. What a great day to take pictures in the woods. And you captured a lot of good ones too -- a sugar glider and some tawny frogmouths. But my favorite is the close up of a sugar glider. It’s so cute! Thanks for sharing.