Monday, 9 September 2013

Bearded Dragon

Flat out
The days are warming up and the first of the larger reptiles have been out and about. The Shinglebacks Trachydosaurus rugosus are wandering slowly about the bush and others like this Bearded Dragon Pogona barbata are spending much of the days warming themselves up in the sunshine. This one was well camouflaged with its dusty skin matching the open dirt between the grass tussocks. It lay motionless as I stepped past it; its legs hung down along its tail, its skin spread out and the whole body aligned with the sun, all to maximise capture of the radiant heat.

It seemed to be trading off the powers of its concealment against the expenditure of its limited energy, having just warmed up a little and not being very active yet. For it was keeping a steady eye on me in case I did after all pose a threat and it would have to use that little energy to flee.

An eye watches through the camouflage

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