Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Gang Gang Cockatoos

A pair of Gang Gangs inspect a potential nest hole

There seemed to be parrots everywhere in the bush yesterday as they were all prospecting, exploring, or defending nest holes. This  hole looks a bit too large for these Gang Gang Cockatoos, although there might have been a tighter cavity down at the bottom, so the male went in for a look-see. These parrots are such quiet and approachable birds and the male's bright red helmet is very smart.

The male seems to have dipped his head into a pot of red paint lying in the hole

The twist of red feathers from the back of his head over the crown is a small but
spectacular piece of plumage. She also has a crest, but it lies tucked away. The female's plumage is just as well evolved as the males, although more for the purpose of concealing her. She has a fine pattern of bush-colouring, which hides her well as they sit quietly in the trees. These birds are easily overlooked, unless one is familiar with their subdued creaky calls, or their habit of dropping crunched-open gum nuts to the ground below.

The female has kept her head clean

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