Sunday, 13 May 2012

Golden Eagle paper

A scientific paper of which I am a co-author has been accepted for publication by the journal Ornis Fennica.

Adam Watson, Stuart Rae & Sandy Payne: Mirrored sequences of colonisation and abandonment by pairs of Golden Eagles Aquila chrysaetos.

As the summary states:
'We report colonisation by extra breeding pairs of Golden Eagles Aquila chrysaetos, and
subsequent abandonments, in part of northeast Scotland during 1895–1985. The number
of pairs rose from three in 1895–1937 to eight by 1948, and then fell to four during 1959–
71 in reverse of the colonisation sequence. This fits the concept of hierarchic quality of
habitat used, or of bird quality. Possible mechanisms to explain this are discussed.'

This is now available for view in the online early page of their website: 

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