Monday, 14 March 2011

Time out

Field work is less demanding at this time of year, in between studies in Australia and Scotland. Which means I have time for a social life, so the family went out for a walk around the city last weekend to look at the various light shows organised by ENLIGHTMENT, the Canberra light festival  and created by The Electric Canvas, led by Peter Milne.  The buildings used as canvases were the National Gallery of Australia, The National Library, Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House and Parliament House, all within an easy walk around the lawns between them. 
The globe which hangs outside the Art Gallery looked like a meteor about to crash into building and the images spread on the walls came from the latest exhibition of costumes from the Ballets Russes.

The National Library was lit with very clever images such as these of marbled endpapers and bookshelves hanging over the entry steps.
The Old Houses of Parliament were lit in a variety of different styles, from Graffiti of political slogans to photomontages of prime ministers. Lots of people were out and about, walking like us or giving slow drive-pasts.  
The New Houses of parliament looked like stonehenge when an image of Arthur Boyd's 'Untitled (Shoalhaven Landscape)' was projected onto the front facade. The original 1984 oil on canvas hangs inside the building and the tapestry for which it was a plan hangs there in the Great Hall.

All credit for the artwork to The Electric Canvas thanks guys....

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