Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Goshawks fledging

The brown goshawks which nest in the same woods as the tawny frogmouths are busy feeding fledglings now. They have had mixed fortune in their success, with one pair rearing three chicks, one with two, another with one and one pair failed to rear any. Prey remains below the nests included several young rabbits, two magpie fledglings and a galah.

An adult male brown goshawk calls in alarm as I approached his nest with young.

A female brown goshawk flies past me screaming in alarm. She is larger than the male and can be seen to be moulting tail and primary feathers.

Two fledglings stand on branches next to their nest while another has stayed in the nest.
The nest is typically set in a clump of mistletoe high in a tall yellow box tree.

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