Saturday, 15 February 2014

A few art lessons from Melbourne

Add your name if this is your work, I don't want the credit, just spread the word
Street art on Hosier Lane 14th February 2014

It has been a hot few weeks in Melbourne and I was down to look around some Tawny Frogmouth sites with Marian Weaving who is studying them there, out in suburbia. Then once I did that I went into town to look up the recent artwork. The collections in the galleries were as good as ever, but there were great environmental messages going on out on the streets, especially in and around Federation Square.

In the middle of the square is a triptych sculpture of Dogman and Rabbitgirl riding a rhino, the creations of artists Gillie and Marc. I am familiar with their work, and it is good to see this plea to help save rhinos in such a high profile.

Rabbitgirl and Dogman ride a rhino for life
Thousands of people pass through the square every week, day? Many took photos of themselves in front of the sculpture, but unfortunately very few took the time to read the message. I know, I watched them. Most were tourists from around the world; what apathy from people who profess to enjoy the planet.

Thanks for the message Gillie and Marc

Impressive art for an impressive animal
Meanwhile over on the pavement across from Flinders Street Station, Chris Jordan had built a sculpture of a mobile phone with old mobile phones about to be re-cycled. He was in town to add his voice and skills to the Sustainable Living Festival, to see more on that click this.

A mobile phone made with mobile phones

Re-cycle your old phones!
Chris was giving a talk in the Deakin Edge theatre on various topics concerning our waste and the damage we cause to other animals on the planet. Part of his presentation included a viewing of his powerful video on the effect plastic is having on albatrosses  This was uploaded on line two years ago now, but the message is still the same. If you haven't seen this and would like to watch it, click here, but be warned it is sad, very sad.