Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Possums on the roof

A very large youngster - soon to be made to walk and climb on its own 
There were footsteps on the roof last night and then someone scratching at the dining room window. It was our local possum, a Common Brushtail Possum  Trichosurus vulpecula, checking out the food tray we put out for the birds during the day. She had a joey on her back as she scrabbled up and down the drainpipe. It was well-grown, about six months old and ready to be, if not already, weaned. Certainly quite a load on her back if she has do a lot of climbing. The youngster should be off and walking, climbing on its own any time soon, but will still be dependent for perhaps another year before it is cast out of the home range.

Mum raids the birds' food tray
As there was nothing left in the feeding tray we put out a slice of bread and raspberry jam. Mum sniffed it from the roof and came straight down for it. Snatched it, and climbed back onto the roof to eat it. meanwhile the joey had to climb up on its own, perhaps for the first time. It wasn't very agile on the overhang moves. But they won't take long to master.

A special treat of jam on bread -only the best organic for them

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