Friday, 11 May 2012

New book out

My new book on eagles has just arrived from the printers and is now available from Langford Press. , and also Amazon, Borders etc.

That was the plug. As for content, what do you get. Well, I have tried to portray my experiences and knowledge of golden eagles and their ecology in the Scottish Highlands, using words and photographs all taken by myself. This is not a dry academic text, nor is it a coffee-table book. Rather, using the high quality production of Langford Press, and modern styling, the book gives a feel of what it is like to walk hundreds, thousands of miles over many years, let's say about forty years, studying golden eagles. I have shared the Highlands with these birds; the weather, the scenery and all that is there. And I have collected a long run of scientific data, with the results published in academic journals. Eagles are an integral part of the Highland ecology, and in this book I have tied together various strands of the one and the whole.

          The nictitating membrane flicks across an eaglets eye. Photographed at 1/800th of a second.

On still mornings, eagles will simply sit on a highpiont and watch for prey, only rising in the sky when the wind rises.

Meanwhile, I am currently busy in the Highlands, studying eagles, the story never stops......

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