Monday, 21 March 2011

Toilet wildlife

I was camping out at the Weddin Mountains at the weekend, catching birds - more later. We arrived after dark and set up the tents then explored around, including in and around the long-drop toilet. There were some wonderful creatures there.

Several Perons Tree Frogs were sitting on the wall and one was in the overflow pipe of the water tank. I even had a frog on the inside canopy of my tent. They have splendid yellow and black stripes on the inside of their thighs which show up bright when they jump.

And there was a beautiful Barking Gecko, which seemed to live a in crack at the edge of the concrete base. This species reserves fat in its tail, and this specimen had a very fine supply.

 Then of course there were lots of spiders, red-backs in below dark corners and a huge orb-weaver round the back with a several metres-wide web.

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